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To qualified information signs include: • the incidence of credit; • purpose of the loan; • provision of credit. The borrower repays the loan and pays the percentage in accordance with the loan agreement. it is a loan with a floating interest rate (roll-Overy); • return within a clearly defined time periods, only the amount interest on loan and return on expiry of the validity period credit agreement the entire amount of the principal; • indicates not the time of repayment of the loan and interest thereon, and only the conditions of their return. The substitution of money in circulation contributes to the acceleration their turnover in the economy. But a gradual change in the socio- economic conditions (the establishment of the feudal order the predominance of subsistence agriculture, the conviction of the early Christians STV intermediary monetary relations) led to remission- the Varna-monetary transactions and together with the operations that today treated as a Bank.

Any economy is based on objective economic laws nah, one of which is the law of monetary circulation. Commercial credit is the provision of a supplier (selling- CMA) products to the buyer, in the form of deferred or installment payment for the shipped goods. 7. The provision of collateral loan is made in accordance with the regulations on the procedure for provision by the Central Bank of the United States secured loans from banks March 13, 1996, No. Academic discipline "Banking" has three goals: 1.

Banks have the right to act as: • investment institutions that carry out activities activities on the securities market as an intermediary; • investment adviser; • investment company; • investment Fund. Storage of valuables. In this case the Central Bank usually does not play a decisive role, as it does not has appropriate means. This Bank performs an important function of public — STI- mulroy mediation on credit, which he exercises by PE- raspredelenie monetary funds of legal entities and cash do- stroke individuals. Can be applied the following blowing methods of charging interest: interest is charged upon of the loan, the loan maturity date or uniform- mi premiums throughout the term of the loan. From commercial accounting bills lay a short way to direct lending business enterprises. Operations with securities. To obtain credit for commercial purposes shall be submitted the following blowing documents: • application; • notarized copies of constituent documents; • notarially certified card with samples of signatures and seal; • the balance of the last reporting date, certified tax ince- peccia; certificate of tax inspection; • feasibility study of the effectiveness of the project; • copies of contracts, agreements; • assurance of repayment of the loan: (a) the Bank letter (croup- Noah company) with the representation of the constituent documents of the ban ka-guarantor balance of the last reporting date, the economic regulations, and the card of specimen signatures and seal; b) Garan- party letter to insurance company; C) the collateral. 3. This mediation is carried out by redistributed- division of funds temporarily surplus to the process circulation of monetary funds of legal entities and cash income individuals.